Conjoint Links

Introduction into conjoint analysis

There are several websites that explain the basics of conjoint. Here are some of them:



Papers and Abstracts

Sawtooth Software provides a comprehensive collection of technical papers:

The same does SKIM Software Division (Sawtooth Software sales representative):

Barbara J. Kannian presents the goals of a project regarding optimal experimental designs for conjoint. A very important topic for future conjoint research!

Paper published by Dijkstra and Timmermans (1997).

Paper prepared by Luca Meyer dealing with an internet conjoint analysis.

Mary Jane Tyner and Jonathan Weiner (1989): Optimal pricing strategies through conjoint analysis

Populus offers some papers to download:

Zinkhan, Holmes and Mercer (1997): Conjoint analysis: a preference-based approach for the accounting of multiple benefits in Southern forest management [Abstract].

Holmes, Zinkhan, Alger and Mercer (1996): Conjoint analysis of nature tourism values in Bahia, Brazil [Abstract].

Holmes, Alger, Zinkhan and Mercer (1998): The effect of response time on conjoint analysis estimates of rainforest protection values [Abstract].

Johnson, Desvousges, Wood and Fries: Conjoint analysis of individual and aggregate environmental preferences [Abstract and Download].

ACA and CBC web-surveys implemented by DSS Research:

Terry Elrod's homepage at University of Alberta. You can download [pdf-files] some of his papers and view the abstracts.

V. Srinivasan's homepage at Stanford University. You can order some of his articles and working papers and view the abstracts.

Ely Dahan's homepage at MIT Sloan School of Management. You can view and download some of his working papers (pdf-files). He used conjoint analysis for internet concept testing.


Sawtooth Software (ACA, CBC, CVA, Ci3):

E2S: The conjoint analysis module in the AnaFact toolkit (sorry, no longer available)

List of software for market research surveys (e.g. Bretton Clark):

Q.P.R. (MarketMaker). I'm sorry, QPR stopped creating a conjoint tool.

Research Triangle Institute (TradeOff VR):

SPSS (SPSS Conjoint):

How to do statistics across subjects on the results of conjoint analysis in Systat.

Tigris (TiCon):


Websites (informations about conjoint analysis)

Online directory with links to both commercial and academic information sources supported by SKIM Analytical.